Random Rants

96. Last day of Intramurals!

Okeh. Ddto kog school mga 1pm for our 2:30pm meeting para sa among BA presentation. Too early, I know, pero gituyo to nako para napa koy time mag laroy2 sa school and makichika sa ubang people. Unfortunately, wala koy nakit’an ubang people lol I mean wala ko kitag kaila. Naa man gani, di pud suod so di kaayo ko kachismis and kachika about anything. So niwatch nalang kos basketball game while naghuwat sa time.

Sus kay wa man jud nay text gkan sa akong mga groupmates. Niadto nakos supposedly rendezvous namo, wala may taw. So nilakaw nalang ko. Pissed and tired. Niadto kog national book store HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH AND JUST LIKE THAT, NAHUROT AKONG KWARTA.

Pero btaw, gsapot ko kay wa juy tarong sabot. Almost an hour after 2:30pm ni text among leader nga di lng daw madayun. Srsly? Tarong pa na? Giinform nalang unta daan ba para dili maghuwat sa wala. Pwe.

And btw, on the way sa national book store kay naa koy nakasakay nga couple. And nabwesit kos gerl kay pwerteng sabaa. She’s so maarte mayng upawan. Okehhh.

"Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world." - Kate Sullivan

97. Fourth day of intramuralss!

Went to school paglunch. Supported the Commerce volleyball team. I didn’t cheer tho. LET’S GO COMMERCE *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP* HAHAHA.

Nya we went somewhere for lunch. Pictures will be uploaded laterr!

98. Gsuspend ang class and everything tungods kakusogs uwan.

So, spent the day at home. Boringggg. Nakaread kog article from thoughtcatalog.

"We learn that love doesn’t always last and that people, who were once as close as two people can possibly be to one another, can grow so far apart they are practically strangers."

"You’ll go weeks, months, maybe even years without thinking of them, but someday, out of the blue, they’ll be there, the ghost of them still in your heart for better or for worse."

"Maybe, if you concentrate hard enough, you can remember the press of their hand in yours, or that vulnerable, tentative smile they seemed to save just for you. Time hasn’t erased them; it’s given them a gentle, sweet clarity. They are a part of us, and they always will be."

"You don’t have to let go, you just have to move on. Move on toward love, laughter and light."

99. Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Yeeee. Celebration tiiime!

100. Way lami.

Bati kaayo ang start sa akong countdown for Christmas. Boring ang opening sa Intramurals, nagrigor akong utok tungods churva. Pero nagluto kog leche flan diri ron for tomorrow’s celebration yey! Night2! :)

I miss you.

I miss you. Not as my ex-lover, but as my bestfriend. I miss having someone to talk to about everything under the sun. Di nako kaduol sa usa gud kay nana syay someone, maikog nako mag samok2 and mag yaw2 about stuffs. You know how I longed to have guy bestfriends, and I was so happy and grateful kato ana tang tulo nga bff na ta nnyo hahahha. Then I lost you. I lost someone so dear to me. And I feel like I’m losing the other guy too. This may sound oa or whatsoever, but I feel so alone. Wala najud koy katabi and ka’sharean sa mga things. Mahadlok nako mag drama2 sa akong mga girlfriends kay I know gkapoy nana silag paminaw sa akong problems in life. Pero bitaw, I miss you oy.

PS. Maygani dili ka online at this moment. Ganahan na kay ko mu’pm nimo nya makigchika about life and all. I miss you lage ba.

"There’s a formula for how long it takes to get over someone. It’s half as long as the time you’ve been together."


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